Committee Members

Meet our committee members…

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Fiona Young, Chair

Mike Baynham, Vice Chair, Gardens Convenor

Dogs Convenor (Temporary email address 17-03-21)

Paul Broda, Member, Gardens, Subcommittee

Blair Finlay, Website and Social Media Convenor

Gregor Henderson, Fixtures Convenor
(Arches, Paths, Benches, Railings)

Andrew Dixon, Events Convenor
(Moray Feu Bicentennial Convenor)

Ewan Jeffrey, Traffic and Finance Convenor
(Parking, Public Transport, Cycling, Traffic Flow, Finance Management) /

Martha Vail Barker, Environment and Fundraising Convenor
(Recycling, waste collection, litter etc.) /

Secretaries and Treasurers
Whitelaw Wells, 9 Ainslie Place,
Edinburgh EH3 6AT

Sandra Thomson, WW, General enquiries

Kevin Cattanach, WW, Secretary