The Edinburgh Tram Facts site set up by your committee has expanded beyond the original purpose, almost as much as the traffic now using the Feu streets around the northern edge of Charlotte Square as the last remaining main road to get across the city.

There is now a mass of material freely available with Council and others keynote reports, some press releases.and articles explaining and highlighting why the issues are so important. Along with pictures, videos and material such as emails, obtained under Freedom of Information legislation which often shine a very different light on events from the one given out at the time by the council.

Although originally about the traffic being displaced by the tram, hence the name, we now see an almost endless number of development projects promoted by the council and all invariably built upon the same need to move the nasty traffic from the development to the only place left for it; residential streets around Edinburgh and of course that means in the Feu and the 2nd New Town.

Indeed the current proposals for Charlotte Square, not directly Tram related itself, serve to show yet again how desirable it is to have a traffic calmed environment – except, for the people expected to once again take the traffic not wanted by the developer. He is anxious to have access only traffic on 3 sides of the square to give an appropriate environment for the Boutique bankers and hedge fund managers he hopes to woo as tenants.

The emails sent between the developers and the council spelling this out , and some other surprising aspects of the development – were obtained under Freedom of Information legislation.

Other interesting ‘FoI ‘ emails amongst senior executives show clearly that they understood the importance of another key issue, that of ensuring pollution measurements in Great Stuart Street came in under the EU limit – and shine a revealing light on the ways they went about ensuring they got the result they wanted.

So while it might be stretching a point to say it is unmissable, it is certainly worth visiting and bookmarking, for anyone interested not only in the Feu, whether resident or not, but also in the wider aspects of pollution and public health, as well as civic governance in general and the governance of Edinburgh in particular.

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