Rights to use the gardens

Historically, as a general rule, the title deeds provided that only townhouse proprietors and their families were allowed to use the gardens. Subsequently, the feuars agreed, at AGM, that corner (bachelor) flat owners and servants could also do so. In later years employees, tenants and outside subscribers were added to the list, and lastly, the Management Committee was asked at an AGM to draw up a short term renewable agreement with the two nurseries in the feu permitting the children to use the gardens within specified periods. Anyone who holds a key is obliged to pay for the year in which they hold the key, whatever their rights.

The process for outside subscribers is that they complete an application form, signed by them, their proposer and their seconder, both of whom must be feuars, which is circulated by the secretaries round the Committee.

Access by contractors to the Bank Gardens

Permission must be obtained from the committee for access by third parties such as builders and scaffolders. Contact details of the owner and the contractor will be displayed on the noticeboard in the Bank Gardens so that any complaints can be dealt with directly. This is required for security reasons as garden flats are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. The feuar should provide the contractor with his own key. No access is allowed for plant and machinery without the Committee’s express permission in writing.

New owners and tenants

The secretaries keep a database of all feuars and tenants. If requested to do so, they will send assessments and other mail direct to the tenant. (If the tenant does not pay the assessment, it is collected from the owner who is liable to pay whatever the arrangement is that he has with his tenant.) The owner on the date the assessment notices are sent is responsible for the full year’s bill. This should be apportioned by the selling lawyer in the State for Settlement. He should also ensure that the gardens keys are passed to the new owner.

Kerbside Box Recycling Collection Days

Below is downloadable calendar supplied by the Edinburgh Council for kerbside box collection (March 2014 – March 2015).

  • Moray Place
  • Ainslie Place
  • Randolph Crescent

AGM, meetings and minutes

Each April, accounts are drawn up to the previous 31 March by the treasurers, and presented in draft, together with a draft budget for the ensuing year, to the Management Committee at the next meeting. The secretaries collect reports from each convenor and compile the notice of AGM and attached newsletter. Once approved, the notice, newsletter and accounts are sent out to feuars three weeks before the AGM.

Any proposals or nominations for new members should be received by the secretaries two weeks before the AGM and displayed on the notice board in Moray Place Gardens. The secretaries’ draft AGM minutes are approved by the Management Committee at their next meeting and made available for inspection by the feuars at 9 Ainslie Place thereafter.

They are approved by the feuars at the following AGM.

Management Committee minutes are also available at the secretaries’ office for feuars to inspect.

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