Welcome to the feu. We hope that this information will be helpful to you. Rules concerning use of the gardens are set out on the garden rules page and are also on display in the gardens.

The Annual General Meeting is generally held in June each year. You will receive notification of this together with the agenda, the committee’s report and the accounts for the preceding year. Committee members are elected each year at the AGM. The minutes are available for inspection during office hours at the Secretaries’ office at 9 Ainslie Place.

Assessments for gardens maintenance are sent out after the AGM and cover the year to the following 31st March. These are based on the rateable value of each property as at 31st March 1989. The annual pence per pound rate is approved each year by the feuars at the AGM. The assessments are collected 30 days from the issue date by direct debit.

Keys are for the use of feuars, their family, guests and tenants only, and should not be handed out to other parties. The same key also fits the box in the central roundel containing the croquet set. Additional keys may be obtained from the secretaries for a small deposit.

The feu is part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Apart from the obvious benefit of reducing crime in the area, the scheme may enable you to obtain a reduction on your house insurance premiums. It is also included in a World Heritage Site so permission is required from the Council for alterations to buildings and some tree work.

Social events are usually held during summer months. You will receive notification of these from time to time.

Maintaining up to date records of current proprietors is difficult. When you sell your property, please remind your solicitor to advise the secretaries of the name of the new owner, and to apportion the assessment.

Rules governing the Committee of Management are set out in appendix 1.

If you have any suggestions for planting, social events or the use of the gardens, please contact a member of the committee or use the contact form.

Newsletters are regularly issued to all Feuars and the latest copies can be viewed here.

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